SVN Configuration

SVN have a client-side configuration, located in your ~/.subversion directory which might be interesting to tweak.

Configuration for Python development

The configuration file ~/.subversion/config is a Windows-INIT like file, with sections.

By editing those can configure SVN to:

  • Ignore .pyc, .pyo and others files which should never be added in SVN. Add or edit the option global-ignore in the section [miscellany]:

    global-ignores = *.o *.lo *.la #*# .*.rej *.rej .*~ *~ .#* .DS_Store *.pyc *.pyo *.egg-info

    This setting is recommended when using buildout.

  • Set the svn:keywords correctly on Python files. For that, you need first to activate the default SVN properties in the section [miscellany] by setting enable-auto-props = yes. After, you can add in the [auto-props] section:

    *.py = svn:keywords=Author Date Id Revision
  • Configure you favorite SVN to use your favorite editor to write commit message. In the [helpers] section, edit the editor-cmd option:

    editor-cmd = vim

Configure SVN to work with HTTP proxies

You can create a ~/.subversion/server file to configure that, containing:

http-proxy-host = name-of-your-proxy
http-proxy-port = 8080
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