Infrae coding style

Coding style

Silva, and other Infrae products should follow the coding style defined by pep8, with the following enforcement.


  • Code is indented with spaces,
  • Trailing white-spaces at the end of lines should be removed,
  • Files should not be saved with Windows end of lines (only Unix ones),
  • ASCII encoding is preferred when saving files. If it is not enough, utf-8 encoding should be used, with a coding cookie on the first line of the file (# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-),

Doc string

  • All methods and classes should have a doc string,
  • In a method, the code should start right after the doc string, without an empty separating the both of them,


  • All classes should inherit at least from object.


  • No local imports should be used,
  • Imports should be sorted by alphabetical order,
  • Unused imports should be removed.


Here is an example:

# Copyright (c) 2010 Infrae. All rights reserved.
# See also LICENSE.txt
# $Id$

from import IBar
from zope import component, interface


def do_something(self):
    """Method to do something.
    return None

class BarImplementation(object):
    """Implement a bar following the Netherlands specification.
    some_product = []

    def retrieve_data(self):
        """Retrieve Bar data.
        return self.some_product


The following tools can help you:

  • pep8 script to validate that your code follow the pep8 coding style,
  • pyflakes help you to identify unused and missing imports,
  • dependencychecker does a similar job as pyflakes but is able to identify missing requirements defined in your extension (by parsing the egg-info directory).
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